Capaho Web Products & Services

Capaho Web Products include three of our top desktop utilities to help improve your productivity.  Capaho Web products like ClipperDipper, our clipboard archiver, Data Manager, our freestanding database application and Server Monitor, our website monitoring utility.  Give Capaho Web products a try and see how well they work for you.

cdlogo_blue_32x32ClipperDipper clipboard archiver.  ClipperDipper checks the clipboard for new items at an interval specified by the user.  When a new item is detected, it is copied into ClipperDipper’s internal database.  Items stored in the database can be returned to the clipboard at a later time when they are needed again.  ClipperDipper saves you time and trouble by eliminating the need to find and copy the same items to the clipboard repeatedly.  The ClipperDipper database is searchable, making it easy to find items that were previously copied to the clipboard.  The database can also be exported for use with Data Manager.  That allows you to keep a permanent record of your stored clipboard items.

cdmlogoData Manager freestanding database.  Data Manager is a freestanding database application that uses the SQLite query language.  It also includes a MySQL client that allows you to manage database files on remote MySQL Community Servers.  MySQL database files can be imported into Data Manager and Data Manager database files can be exported to MySQL Community Servers.  Data Manager is a powerful yet easy to use database application with an intuitive interface.  Data Manager makes it easy to manage your personal or small business data.

green32Server Monitor website monitor.  Server Monitor is a website monitoring utility that checks the connectivity of the websites that are important to you.  It can notify you if a website is offline, allowing you to take action quickly.  Sever Monitor also measures the amount of time it takes for your websites to respond, so you can know if they’re fast or slow.  The Mac and Windows versions of Server Monitor contain a set of network tools that are useful in helping you manage your websites.  Server Monitor Mobile is available in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Capaho Web Products and Services