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cdmlogoData Manager by Capaho Web Software is an easy to use yet powerful database app.  It is a freestanding app that creates and manages its own database files in SQLite format. In MySQL mode it can also manage MySQL files on remote MySQL community servers.  MySQL files can be imported into Data Manager and Data Manager files can be exported to MySQL databases.  Data Manager can store just about any type of data, including text, images and files.  Stored data can be exported from the database in their original format. Only $49.95.

Data Manager Mac
Data Manager for Mac

Data Manager Windows
Data Manager for Windows

cdlogo_blue_32x32ClipperDipper is a helpful clipboard archive utility that lets you keep track of just about everything you copy to your clipboard.  It can store text, images and file location information.  You can send stored clipboard items back to the clipboard whenever you need to paste them again.   The ClipperDipper database is searchable, making it easy to find stored items.  You never need to copy the same item over and over again. The database file can be exported for use with Data Manager, allowing you to keep a permanent record of your clipboard files. Only $19.95.

ClipperDipper Mac
ClipperDipper for Mac

ClipperDipper Windows
ClipperDipper for Windows

Server Monitor checks the online status of the websites that are important to you.  It can alert you if any of your websites are offline. It also shows you the amount of time it took for you website to respond.  Server Monitor works by sending an http get request to make sure the web server is online and responding.  If the website is offline or returns an error message, Server Monitor can alert you by email.  It includes useful network tools that can help you manage your domains and websites more easily.   Server Monitor Mobile is available in the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Only $19.95.

Server Monitor Mac
Server Monitor for Mac

Server Monitor Windows
Server Monitor for Windows

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